Shannon Sharpe Mother

a very mild mannered woman with fair skin, long hair, beautiful brown eyes and a statuesque figure, almost as though she could have had a career in modeling herself. Unfortunately, the wear and tear of life has taken its toll particularly after her husband left her and the girls. They had to fend for themselves after enduring many years in the dysfunctional web spun by Calvin’s lifestyle. Shannon has been the foundation that ties the family together but not without a few emotional and physical battle scars to add to her own story. Shannon is a Christian woman who tried her best to bring her girls up in a nurturing and positive environment.

Carlita “Carli” Sharpe Sister

Cali’s older sister by just 2 years but readers will come to see that Carlita is actually more like the younger sister in the family dynamic. Carli is a beautiful young woman who definitely resembles her sister. Carli has never longed for a life of glitz and glam but her early move to California gave her the inspiration to find her own niche as a chef and nutritionist with a few well paying clients throughout LA, Palm Springs and San Diego. She currently resides in San Diego with her 8-year old son, Kyree.

Marvin Gaines uncle

Marvin Gaines is the older paternal half-brother of Calvin Sharpe who ironically went down the total opposite path of his brother. He went on to complete law school (he was mentored by Jonnie Cochran) to finally open up his own practice in Harlem.

Alexander J. Thurmond Friend

Fun. Eclectic. Colorful. Those are definitely words to describe the dramatic and extremely out-spoken “Alex” a gay black male with a whole lot of attitude and plenty of opinions. However, inside of the confines of the work environment, he maintains a more refined Alexander J. Thurmond, the toned down, version of his more extroverted self (Alex). Daily he morphs into the “polished to perfection”, on-point, corporate associate and colleague of Calloway Sharpe. Sharing the pressures and high standards of an extremely demanding work environment has helped to nurture a bond between Alex and Cali. Alex, being quite the socialite himself often accompanies Cali to some of her entertainment industry events and together they are able to kick back, enjoy a few drinks and plenty of laughs.

Denyse "Patience" Hopper Stripper/Calloway's Enemy

an exotic dancer who currently resides in Baltimore, MD by way of Bronx, NY who knew Cali from back in the day. They are not friends to say the least and Patience (whose real name is Denyse Hopkins), actually has had it out for Cali since Cali made it out of the hood and turned her life around. Jealousy and envy is what motivates her to be a constant thorn in Cali’s side. The two attended junior high and high school together and were often viewed as competitors. The shit hits the fan when Patience tries to throw more than shade Cali’s way via social media. In fact, Patience won’t be content until she can drag Cali’s name through the mud. She knows a bit about Cali’s past that many are not aware of and she believes it is her “civil duty” to make others aware that there is another concealed side to everyone’s beloved Calloway Sharpe.

Karen Schwartz Defense Attorney

Calloway’s defense attorney specifically for the case involving the altercation with Patience. Karen also attended law school with Calloway’s Uncle Marvin at NYU.

Shana DelroyOwner of Shana Delroy PR & Associates, publicist to Calloway Sharpe

She is responsible for helping Calloway maintain a glimmering image in the public eye. She really is genuine in her approach and relationship with Cali, yet always professional. She is a black woman with multiple degrees in marketing, PR and communications. She is driven, professional and far from hood. She is a sorority sister and the total opposite of Cali, which only further adds to her appeal as part of Cali’s small team of people in her corner.

Katrina "Kat"

17 year-old young black youth, caught up in the system as a result of her life choices that led her to the streets. Kat is currently finishing out her probation for charges similar to those of Cali’s in her past. Because she was not yet 18 at the time of her more serious charges, the courts decided to place Kat in a pilot program launched in the DC area in order to steer troubled young girls in a different direction particularly those that are at-risk and in danger of transferring their troubled lives as teens into adulthood. Cali sees so much of herself in Kat that she decides to help mentor her as part of the program requirement.

Michele Cohen

young white actress who insists that Alex is not actually gay but in fact “supposedly” attracted to white women. She continues to foolishly make advances towards Alex and she consistently faces rejection and is quite often the brunt of many inside jokes between Cali and Alex.


The young man Cali was involved with several years after she was first arrested at the age of 15. At the time when they started their relationship, Cali was 18 years old and this man was 10 years her senior. Also this was during a period when Cali was trying to get her life together and this young man was actually someone who used to work for her father before his imprisonment.